Photo: Harry Cock (2011)


On the occasion of Broken Circle/Spiral Hill's 50th anniversary, the artwork could be visited during the open weekends from July to October 2021.

You could experience why Broken Circle/Spiral Hill is still urgent and relevant today. Robert Smithson's only earthwork outside the United States remains a unique place in the Netherlands.


The Open Weekends for Robert Smithson’s Broken Circle/Spiral Hill in 2021 took place from July to October 2021.

At the moment there are no visits possible to the artwork. Keep an eye on this website for new dates.




Visiting info

In terms of clothing and footwear, keep in mind that a visit to Broken Circle/Spiral Hill takes place mainly in the open air.

All visitors must take care on the site. There are steep inclines, and the ground can be muddy. The website outlines the ways that all visitors can be welcomed to the site.

Unfortunately, the artwork is difficult to navigate for persons with mobility issues. Please contact us at info@brokencircle.nl to discuss the details of your visit.


Entering the site of Broken Circle/Spiral Hill artworks is at your own risk. Under no circumstances can the owner and organization be held liable to anyone for any direct or indirect damage as a result of - or in connection with - entering this site and viewing the works.


Broken Circle/Spiral Hill is located in a former sand quarry on the edge of Emmen, Drenthe. It is easily accessible by car and bicycle.

You can park your car or bicycle at Emmerhoutstraat 150, 7814 XX Emmen, The Netherlands.

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"Parks are idealizations of nature,
but nature in fact is not a condition of the ideal."


 Card. Photo: Unknown, ca 1972

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Holt/Smithson Foundation and Land Art Contemporary, in cooperation with different parties, are working towards a sustainable future for Broken Circle/Spiral Hill in Emmen, The Netherlands.

The opening of Broken Circle/Spiral Hill is generously supported by:


All artworks and images by Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson are copyright Holt/Smithson Foundation, licensed by VAGA at ARS, New York.

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